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which plasmas don't hold (retain) images in a dark room

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alright I've seen a lot of pdp's and some obviously hold onto images much, much more than others (this can be seen more easily in a dark room)...

They range from my parents' pioneer elite 50'' that can watch a show with a static image on it for 3 hours and have the artifact disappear within 20 seconds on another channel,etc...

to my good friend's panasonic 50u, which held onto artifacts in a dark room for a good 10 minutes if a static image was left on for an hour or two...

to my old LG 42px4d (returned due to a bad pixel) which was so bad you could switch to a source w/out an active input, press the menu button, immediately turn the menu off (within a second), and still see the outline, text, and vague color of the menu from 6 feet away for at least a half an hour....

Since I'm back in the market for a plasma and IR really, really bugs me, does anyone know of any models that extraordinarily good or bad?
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I bought a Pioneer 42" at Costco. I don't remember the model # as I'm trying to forget the experience. ;)

It was like your LG. If the menu was on for 5 seconds there would be IR, and it would last for hours! It had no blacks or detail in the shadows. It was one of the worst PDP's I've ever seen. Needless to say, it went back to Costco last Saturday.

At work we have Panny 8UK's (and 4, 5, 6, & 7UY's). They very often have static images on them. The IR rate is extremely low on these... even the new ones. IR will become 'burn-in' or whatever you might want to call it, on these monitors, but it really takes some trying.

cheers and good luck huntin' :D

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thanks, I had been looking at the costco pioneer - considered it dropped from the shopping list...
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