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Which projector company actually has a reptuable customer service department?

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I was just wondering which companies actually took care of their customers well since I have been reading horror stories about panasonic and sanyo.
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I can tell you from owning one of the early PE7700 projectors that had a lamp issue. A person (from the United States who actually worked for Benq, which is a miracle nowadays) answered the phone and offered a new bulb no questions asked. I actually ended up having several bulbs blow until Benq came out with their final fix. Both times I got new bulbs at no charge. I had to send in my projector to get the final fix and they had it shipping back 1 day after they got it. (I'm sure when they are loaded down it would take longer but I thought that was very fast.) I don't think I've ever dealt with a company that responded so well when I had a problem with an expensive item.

I wasn't happy about getting a projector that had problems, BUT, Benq stood behind their product 100 percent and got the problem fixed and I would never hesitate to buy another from them because of this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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