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Which RCA jacks on HU (front or rear) do I connect the Metra 70 5521 rca jacks to

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Ok... here is my situation:

I bought a new Boss head unit 822UA to install in my friends 2004 Mustang tomorrow. (I know it's not a great unit... but good enough for my friend without a working CD player right now) 

I also bought the Metra 70-5521 wire harness kit....

On the back of the new Boss HU there are 2 sets of RCA jacks Rear & Front... I am told this is for the amps.

The smaller wire harness included in the Metra 70 5521 has 2 RCA jacks (one white & one red)... a stereo shop said he thinks the red & white RCA plugs coming off the Metra 70 5521 should "probably" connect to the "Rear" RCA jacks on the back of the Boss HU... but a YouTube video on how to install a new HU in a 2004 Mustang said to connect the Metra 70 5521 RCA plugs to the "Front" RCA jacks on the new HU.

Anyone know which advice I should follow?

I read other posts that say different things and now after an hour or so of reading posts I am very confused?

And... If I connect to one set of jacks... and the sound is lame... will it sound better if I connect to the other set of jacks... telling me or confirming to me that those are the correct set of RCA jacks?

Any help would be appreciated....


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OK....well I figured it out myself. I tried the Front Rca jacks.... Sounded okay.... Switched to Rear Rca jacks and it sounded much better. So.... Case closed. Stereo sounds great but my friend says the Display is really bright blue at night.... But there doesn't seem to be an easy way to dim it down without use of that Orange/white wire for dimmmimg.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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