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Hello AVS community!

I want to give DJ'ing a try and I am a complete noob so I'll keep this short and try not to sound too stupid.

I recently bought some speakers at some liquidation sale and I don't know enough to choose an appropriate receiver/amp. Someone told me all I need is an Integrated Amplifier since I don't need the AM/FM tuner. So an Amplifier with volume/equalizer controls is what I think I need.

Perhaps someone can list some brands/models that are good enough for these speakers or for my setup in general.

The following are models, specs & pictures of the hardware I need to connect all together.


Technical Pro Fuse-212 (I have 2)

(specs: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_24537_Technical-Pro-FUSE-212.html )


Acoustech Labs - S100ETH

(specs: http://www.acoustechlabs.com/ALsubwoofers.htm )

Audio Source:

Pioneer DDJ-SX

(specs: http://www.pioneerdjusa.com/gear.aspx?product=DDJ-SX )

Much thanks in advance!
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