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hey guys!

i'm looking at purchasing a new receiver and been reading that denon's are great products.

i wanted to get an avr-789, but couldn't find any for sale anymore since they are an old model, so i'm looking now at either the denon avr-590 or the avr-689. they are identical price here in toronto... $500 CDN. i'm also open to other suggestions by other brands too - i don't really want to spend that much, but if i have to, i will :p

which one is a better buy i don't think i'd go to 7.1, so 5.1 is really all i need. i'm looking at purchasing the energy take classics 5.1 speaker system and pairing it with the denon receiver.

here's the 'stuff' i own:

sony bravia 52" xbr4

ps3 - use it for gaming, but mostly for watching blu-ray movies

nintendo wii

a karaoke machine

rogers cable HD box

VCR/DVD player

ps2 (don't really use it) - doesn't matter if i don't have enough inputs for it

thanks for any help!
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