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I recently stepped into this world of surround with an older Sony receiver and got some SVS Prime satellite speakers which has been working well for me. The system doesn't allow me to listen to music in 2.1 mode and I would have to use any of the surround modes to get the sub to work.

Also the amp is very old and doesn't have features like HDMI-ARC, has a poor menu system and lacks two HDMI outputs.

I'm looking for a surround receiver that has a very good menu/GUI/interface since all devices. Projector, TV, PS4, HTPC etc will be routed through the receiver.

The features the amp absolutely has to have is:
2.1 mode or something similar where the sub can be used while listening in stereo mode.
Good clean preamp for stereo use.
Enough power amp section to power 3 or 5 SVS Prime satellite speakers.
HDMI 2.0 (4k support)
TWO HDMI Outputs.
A very good GUI/Interface for device management.

Nice to have:
Room correction. Since the room isn't entirely dedicated for HT purposes.

Doesn't need to have:
Atmos support or similar. I'll only be running a 5.1 setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have done my research on the feature set but unfortunately there is very little information on how the receivers work in stereo mode. Also it has been hard to find any tests where they evaluate and rate the interface/GUIs.
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