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I have been using a Pioneer SC-25 for a few years now, and have been under the impression that its Wolfson WM8740 DAC is extremely highly regarded, or at least used to be considering that the model is over 6 years old. However I am itching for an upgrade and have been very interested in a dolby atmos system, but the early adopter receiver prices have been a turn off for me. I read yesterday that Pioneer detailed new 2015 models supporting atmos sub $1,000 that come equipped with a ES9006S DAC.

Now I have no idea what exactly makes a good DAC or if that by now they are all mostly the same, but I run my speakers off of separate emotiva amplifiers so am more interested in making sure that I will not be replacing what was once a flagship model DAC with a lower product line's than maintaining comparable integrated amplifiers.

I am also curious as to how the build quality is on current Pioneer receivers. I have a newer Harman Kardon receiver in a different room that is light as feather compared to the SC-25's 50 pound weight and it strikes me as flimsy. The SC-25 has been fantastic and I would hate to replace it with something of lower quality just to gain atmos capability.

I would not really want to spend more than a grand on a new receiver if there are other product offerings that might be better fits. I have only really focused on Pioneer just because I have matching Pioneer a/v components and have never had any problems with their equipment in the past.

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