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Which receiver should I get for the bedroom?

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I'm currently trying to get my bedroom speakers setup and need some help to find the right receiver. Here's my list of current components:

TV: Panasonic 42" 720P Plasma

DVD: Toshiba 720P HD-A2 HD-DVD Player

Cable: Time Warner Cable DVR w/ HD

Speakers: Klipsch Quintet III System

I got the Klipsch for $200 shipped, so I could not pass up that deal. Now my dilemma comes with should I splurge and get a $600-$700 receiver, or because I have satelite speakers just go with maybe a cheap $200-$300 receiver. One thing I need to put out there, is that the receiver has to be from Best Buy because my girlfriend works there and I get about 40% off on receivers.

I was looking at the Denon's but noticed that the cheaper ones (sub-$500) don't pass audio through via HDMI, only video. I would like to use all HDMI cables, so that is kind of a turnoff. So here's where I need some advice. I would like to pay around $200 for the receiver (after her 40% discount).. any suggestions?

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I use a Yamaha in the bedroom.

Originally Posted by MichaelJHuman /forum/post/12817839

I use a Yamaha in the bedroom.

That's what I think I'm leaning towards. The V661 seems to be getting some pretty good reviews.
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