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Here's what I've got and want, and envision. What should I buy?

* Event Systems 20/20 bas (2)
* Pioneer Minuet M8 (2)
* Samsung HDTV (NOT a Smart TV), Excellent Home WiFi, Macbook Pro (2013), Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone (which I'll eventually upgrade)

* Integrated AV system for everything from sports and movies and from pop music to jazz (both NY and New Orleans styles), rock, occasional metal, and occasional dance music.
* Leverage existing speaker pairs, given as gifts, but leave room for replacing these down the road with a fully integrated brand new, reasonably high-end speaker system
* Prefer WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth, 4K w/upscaling, HDMI Ports, non-advanced configuration

I'd say my knowledge level is low relative to the audiophiles I know, but I can figure out the technical side if I need to and actually have a pretty good ear for subtleties in music (though surely no better than a hardcore audiophile, and probably worse, just not bad or anything like that).

I feel like I kind of should be buying two separate 2.1 systems, but I figured i'd check about integrating the two speaker pairs I already have into one system. I don't a specific budget, but I'd prefer something in the range of $149-$499 and am okay if it is used / refurbished as long as it's an authorized brand dealer (with proof of being so) and as long as I know it's a brand that does top-notch refurbishings that they stand behind. That said, I'm not likely to use a warranty/customer service so need a brand that is likely working right out of the box.

So, what should I buy?


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Here's what I'm getting ready to do:

I'm getting the Sony 4k 55" tv. it's smart and all, but I'll be able to do most of my stuff via my home theater receiver

The Onkyo TX 626 has two HDMI outs and six ins. it has 4k pass through, supposedly the best (Qdo chip) upscaling and outputs for 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 surround.
at $279 on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Onkyo-TX-NR626-7-2-Channel-Network-Receiver/dp/B00BLGUKDE/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t

it's a steal We'll use our Bose 301's up front, an old pair of bookshelfs for surround and buy a center and a sub for now.

I will have AppleTV on one of the receiver's HDMI inputs. AppleTV will give me a couple of subscriber services, including HBO, AND provide an interface for my TABLO http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815150324

The TABLO will sit in the office and be connected to a big antenna that gives me >30 local channels. THe Tablo incorporates FOUR tuners that can record simultaneously and up to 2TB of DVR storage

I already have the Amazon Fire STick, but it doesn't do TABLO; that'll be at another HDMI input.

I still need to investigate PLEX, and hopefully Apple, Chromecast, Roku or a Sony Streaming blu-ray player will get me to 4k streaming when it becomes available.

My TV FOOL reception report : http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...f1f095b2c85557
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