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i am from india and receivers here are a bit costlier...

i got offer from denon and got 2 offers

1. denon avr1911 - 600 dollars after offer

2. denon avr 3311- 1200 dollars after offer price

i am planning to buy boston acoustic A360 tower speaker with subwooofer..

my taste will be mostly into music rock,pop,jazz and partly movies..

my queries are

1. do i get a lot of difference in quality of music i hear when i connect the denon avr3311 with my speakers and is it worth paying twice the amount of money

2. because 1911 is 90w rated at 8 ohm whereas 3311 is 125 which is 35w more then 1911..is it worth paying twice the price ? as i am budget concious not sure of this and need ur help in desciding the same..

since i didnt get a shot where i can audition 3311 i am not sure of thigns to descide...pleasehelp
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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