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I posted a speaker question earlier and didn't get a response, so I thought I'd try again... I will be quick and to the point - Left and Right must be wall mountable and small. Room size: 15'x14', with 12' ceiling.

The AVR is a Yamaha RXV765

Here are some of the options I have pieced together, all of which are in my budget:


Def Tech Promonitor 1000 / ProCenter 2000 (800)

Energy Take LCR / FPS (450)

Aperion Intimus 5B / 5C (900)

Aperion Intimus 4B / 4C (420)

Ascend HTM 200SE / HTM 200SE (400)

Klipsch RB10 / RC10 (490)


Elemental Designs A3S-250 or A2-300

Which setup would you recommend as best overall with 90% HDTV/DVD viewing and 10% music? (Or rank the top 2 or 3?)

Any changes?

Thanks so much - I am ready to go pending making this VERY tough decision!


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If there is any store where you live that sell any of these brands, I suggest you go there and listen to the Klipsch, DefTech, or Energy.

Aperion will ship it for free both ways. Nothing wasted except your time to pack it and send it back.

I don't know what Ascend return policy is.

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jbl has some nice wall mount speakers that have been favorably reviewed.

some pics in the jbl thread and their web site.

They are about 4 inches deep and are made to be wall mounted.
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