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Jamie: you've started a number of threads asking for advice on which projector is right for you....yet, I've seen in some threads members trying to help and you don't bother to go back and answer the questions/provide information for members to help you.

I would suggest keeping your search to 1 thread and allowing members to see what others have written and suggested so it's a "focused" search. It also goes without saying that you should also take the time to follow up and provide the necessary information, so members can provide educated responses to your needs.

Sorry for sounding so harsh, but you had the same issues trying to get answers in the A-lens forum (multiple threads on the same topic and no follow through on your part).


For those trying to help, here are the background threads in concerning the members projector search:

Worth upgrading from a 8500UB to a Optoma HD86 or HD87 ?

Hate my Epson 8500UB upgrade to what ? (under 3k)

Hate my Epson 8500UB upgrade to what ? (3k plus)

Should I buy the W6000 or HD82~HD8200 ?

is the Optoma HD8200 really sharp ?

Which should I buy W6000 or HD82 ?
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