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Which Sonys are GWII, GWIII, GWIV?

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Im going to comparison shop several places this weekend for Sony Grand Wegas, all different models but similar prices (within $200 or so) and Im still sort of confused which Sony model #s are which version.

Is there a website that has the model numbers sorted by date of manufacture or something?

Edit -- for the 60" models
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GWII - KF50/60 - XBR800
the 60WE610 and 60XBR950 are both GWIII models (one is XBR version). GWIV models are 60XS955 and 60WF655 (not sure what the difference is between these). You can find all of these at www.sonystyle.com, though that website doesn't seem to have a special Grand Wega section anymore.
If you didn't know by now (model #'s summarized from previous posts):

GWII = initial release 2002 KF60-XBR800

GWIII = initial release 2003 KF60we610 / 60XBR950

GWIV = initial release 2004 KDF60WF655 / KDF60XS955

Im planning on getting a 60" GWIII soon
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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