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i have a sony STR-DN1010 amplifier (on order).

this is a replacement for an older amp (also sony).

now i found out that the current speakers (which came with the old amp) are 6ohm impedance.

the new amp has an impedance of 8 to 16 (according to the pdf and pictures on the site) and 7X100W.

so i will need new speakers for this amp.

now i don't know which speakers and woofer i need for this set up.

but i don't want those big bulky speakers as i don't have room for huge speakers.

i guess 8 ohm 100w speakers would do the trick.

but i can't seem to find anything.

i prefer to buy i speakerset which i can easily find in europe.

something like a harman kardon speaker set or something similar.

does anybody has a suggestion of speakersets that will work very well with this amp?

money is not really an issue (company pays


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Sony AVRs generally don't rate well in sound quality and the DN1010 is no exception ... so you may want to consider a better quality AVR (eg. Denon AVRs have no issues with 6Ω speakers) rather than new speakers. That said, even though the 1010 is likely only putting out max 50W/CH, as long as you don't go above average listening volumes, you'll likely be okay with the existing 6Ω speakers .. so you may want to just try them before you invest in a new set of speakers. If you do consider other speakers, the Energy Classic Take 5.1 and Klipsch KD500 5.1 are both entry level (small footprint) speaker setups, although uncertain of availability in Belgium.
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