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Ok so i have a bit of cash lying around for a sound system. As of right now i have a 52" sharp touch of color, computer, ps3, high def cable etc, but no sound system. I was looking at the orb systems, and i do like the mod2 system, and at 1300 they are not overkill. As of right now i have no wife, therefore i can have any speakers i want. But i do like the orbs ALOT. My tv room is small though, 12"x8". I had a pair of soundstage 800p towers which ran me about 1600. But they are 5 feet tall and i feel a system that large is overkill, plus i still have to buy a centre, sub, surrounds and better receiver.....and being a student i can't justify 5 grand on sound. The orbs are nice, stylish, and great sounding......but with$1300 for mod 2's, and another 5-600 in receiver, that brings me up to almost 2 grand. Now would you say this is a good way to go, or would you spend my 2 grand differently?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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