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I have a RS-45 projecting on to a 110" Carada BW screen. I have Calman 5 and a Colormunki Design, pattern disc with Oppo 103D

The closest color temps to the reference D65 is 6000K and 5500K.

6000K is too cool (too much blue). 5500K is too warm (too much red). Having these 2 choices, which is the better starting point, or doesn't it matter?

I can use the cuts, gains and custom gamma but want to avoid over correcting and causing more problems.

I went back to just the stock settings in Natural mode with 6000K and 2.5 gamma and the picture is incredibly smooth. It almost looks like the clear motion is on. In fact, it made me check that setting just to be sure. If I calibrate it loses that quality.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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