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Which sub to match Paradigm Studio 100 v3?

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Just picked up a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 V3s, cc570 center and adp470 rear speakers. What would be a good sub to match? I have thought about the Paradigm 12 servo, Sunfire signature or a SVS sub. Any info would be appreciated.


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The 100s already have incredible bass of their own. Personally I like SVS, but it's all a matter of personal preference - what you will be listening to, room size, enviromental factors, etc.
Scratch the sunfire.

I would go with the servo 15 (an excellent sub) or an SVS (an equally excellent option for way less money, or a more potent model for the same money).

Paradigm Servo 15 imho is best value. svs also has good reviews. look at new seimic from paradigm.


I'd also want to toss in the HSU sub's into the mix.

I agree with Artisn, the 100's will put out great bass themselves. I have the Servo 15 with my v3 100's, cc570, and 2 pairs 0f ADP470's. The servo 15 is an incredible sub, plus it's made to mate with the whole reference series. Mine puts out an incredible amount of bass, so much so that I may need to replace my wall sconces since they will rattle at really low powerful LFE. Click on my gallery to see my setup. Enjoy the Paradigm's I love mine.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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