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Hi all,

I have some screen material coming in. A woman who works for the seller said "You don't want to crease this screen. Once you do the creases won't come out. That's why we ship it rolled. Clips probably won't work. We send directions for building a frame.", but I would rather go the clip route over putting staples in if it's possible.

I've found 2 different kinds of tarp clips that are supposed to be good. Can anyone give me some advice?

If this would work it seems better to go with since it looks like it doesn't have teeth. (I'm worried about damaging the screen material, although I don't know if that's a valid concern). Their website is down atm so here's a cache:

And this one is advertised: "The ProGrip's uniquely patented design delivers superior performance by offering 2-3 times more holding power than other tarp clips on the market." http://www.autobarn.net/progrip-tarp-clip.html and it has teeth.

Based on 2 previous DIY builds from jmorris644 and karlito1:



They are using carpet strips or something similar to create a frame to hold the material in place. Jim said, "I then used the small metal carpet strips to create a real solid frame for the screen. These strips are bent just a little on one side. This worked out really well because it was hard for the tarp clips to grasp really tight on the material without slipping. The clip, after it was set, would lock tight against the bent lip of the carpet strip."

Will I have to do this, or if I find the right clips can I clip directly onto the material itself and bungee (or rope) to the conduit so I don't crease the material?

Perhaps I should try the Pro Grips if they're supposed to grip well, although the Farmtek ones say "3-1/4" overall length, with a 50 lb. load capacity." which seems like a lot. Any thoughts?

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