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Which to keep? 2020 or 3060 (both have 80gb)

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Here's my question:

In wanting to keep one oldschool Replaytv, which should I keep?

2020 (upgraded to an 80GB drive)

3060 (upgraded to an 80GB drive)

I've looked here and at Replaytvfaq.com and couldn't find any hardware/software differences between the two?

Both have an equally well performing upgraded hard drive.

I've used both (not recently since I'm using a stable of 5504/5040's now) and couldn't see a difference between the two.

Does one have some advantage somewhere that you guys may know of?

I want to keep the "better" one for a spare bedroom and give the other to a family member.

I should say, that the 2020 had a modem repair, successfully about a year and a half ago by the (now tarnished on this board) digitalrecorder.com due to a no-dialtone problem. The 3060 to date has all its stock equipment besides the upgraded hard drive.
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Here is what I think. If one is a Showstopper and one is a Replytv branded unit, I would keep the Replaytv branded one. Why? Because the Replaytv branded one may have a premium associated with it if you ever want to try to transfer the service (if this is even still possible). I have heard that it is easier to transfer the activation if it is a Replaytv branded unit.

Just my 2cents.
If the 2020 is ReplayTV branded it will strip macrovision when it records allowing you to output a pristine signal. That said, I feel like the 3000 series had a better picture.
IIRC, the 20XX series ReplayTVs had inferior sound quality compared to the 30XX series.
Yes, but the 20xx has a firewire port :D
To me this is a complete "no brainer", you keep the 3060 and get rid of the 2020. The 3060 has WAY superior sound and video quality over the 2020. I gave away my 2020 ages ago and have been using a 3060 ever since.
I think 2000 and 3000 picture quality is identical. They both use the same tuner. It is true the 2000 sound is abnormally low. Also, I haven't seen a 2000 that didn't occasionally record "nothing but black" until it's rebooted. 3000's have greater IR response as well.

Your best move is to swap activation over to 5000, then sell it on ebay.
Thanks for the responses guys. To clarify some of your questions for me:

The 3060 is a REPLAYTV branded unit... not a panasonic/showstopper.

And honestly, I can't remember the sound/picture being better on the 3060 than the 2020 when I had it in use...but you guys' pretty much say "as long as its not a showstopper, keep the 3xxx unit" so it seems that, that is what I'll do.

Just some more things, the 2020 unit doesn't have a firewire port, to my knowledge, those were removed after the 2002, 2004, series, once they went to the 20x0 series, it was taken out. Plus, didn't the firewire port NOT do anything anyway?
Originally posted by Ace987
Yes, but the 20xx has a firewire port :D
My 2020 did not have one.

I think the 200X's did.

Well... and not that it made a difference! :p
Oopps, I thought all 2xxx series Replay branded models had those.

Oh well, my point was a joke anyhow since I DID know it was useless.
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