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Hi, I'm trying to build a massage chair of sorts with transducers. My mom has Parkinsons and it was suggested to use this specific massage chair. We recently came across a deal for one on Amazon that helps reduce some of the symptoms:


However, when we received it, it was incomplete with no amp. In addition I think it was a knock off. It was a returned item through Amazon warehouse so it's possible that they were ripped off by a customer as well. It was a cheap made in china recliner, not like the picture and in the back there was only one of the smaller Dayton bass shakers. No amp, remote. We returned it.

After googling a bit, I found that the legitimate model actually uses transducers as well:

So I've been searching around the internet wondering if I could just build one myself, potentially better than an actual Body Balance model and more like this one:

There are MP3's and CD's with the sonic waves/frequencies that you can buy online. So the only thing I need are the transducers and amp.

I have a spare Insignia NS-R2001 and Pioneer VSX-XXX (can't remember). Can I use those or should I go Dayton or another Sub amp.

And then does anyone have experience with the buttkicker or the Aura's. Which one would seem the best? Could I get that vibration similar to a massage chair? I can't imagine the body balance system chair I linked having better internals.

But yeah, any help would be appreciated and if anyone wants to try it out on their setup just google vibroacoustic ect to look for downloads/cd's. I don't think it's entirely fishoil, in one of my college courses right now were actually learning of the effects of frequencies on mood. How effective it is, I don't know. i can imagine it feeling pretty good though. Apparently its good for hangovers as well.

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I've just recently been looking at transducers to supplement subs. Seems you can buy some pretty powerful units but they're on the expensive side and need some hefty amps. The Buttkickers, Clarks and Crowsons seem to be the most potent, especially in the very low frequencies. Good luck in your quest!
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