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Which type of DVI cable?

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My head is spinning seeing all of thse cable types...

I'd like to hook up my SA 4200HD cable box directly to my Sony 34XBR800 CRT TV...

Anyone know which type I need ? DVI-A, DVI-D, DVI-I ...

It looks like I could easily come home with the wrong item.. about all I know is it should be male to male...

Cablevision says the port is active, but not supported...

due to an audio conflict at the reciever I need to take something out of the loop, and this would help.

I know i should remember this but i'm mentally blocked... a response is much appreciated..

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DVI-D is what you need. Single link is all that's required but dual link will work and, oddly enough, is sometimes less expensive. Feel free to shop for price for lengths under 15'. No brand works better than any other for typical lengths.

I also have the SA 4200HD and have been trying to find someone with info regarding DVI output. The cable tech told me that some 4200HDs had the DVI port active and some didn't. He then looked at the back of my box and said that mines wasn't active. If you do get it working let me know if it looks better than component which is what I currently have hooked up. Thanks.
thanks... Pat.. the cable prices are a bit extreme, so I'll proabably go with the most affordable solution.

after hearing your story bpitt... makes me think that cablevision is just blowing smoke in my direction. The box has a coaxial digital output that is not active, and since the DVI is not supported... makes me think the tech didn't bother to research much of anything for me.

Do you have cablevision? The guy I spoke with basically said, if it's on the box it's active... we just won't offer tech support for it... much easier than explaining why some are and aren't active..

Yeah I have Cablevision here in the Bronx, NY. I'm still not sure about the DVI and like you I don't want to invest in the dvi cable to see if it is or isn't working for myself.

As for the digital coax not working, I don't think I was aware that it wasn't working. My surround sound receiver only has optical inputs so I was at some point planning to hook it up with a coax to optical converter (Dolby Digital & DTS Compatible) I've seen on some sites. But now that I know it doesn't work, I'll have to see if I can call Cablevision and see if they have a solution, maybe a better box. Have you actually tried the digital coax output or is it something you were told?
I haven't tried since I was told point blank by their HD techie that it was never active. I made a point of expressing how silly I thought it was for a High Definition box to only have analog rca outputs...

They told me that the (then upcoming) DVR boxes would have digital audio (toslink i believe).

I've found a DVI cable for about $14 on amazon that I'll try, but I'm starting to think it'll most likely be futile... but it's all i've got for now..

good luck
They advertise HD channels as a way of getting Dolby 5.1, but if it isn't working that is so dirty of them. I'm not 100% sure how cable works but I think that the SA box's digital output is physically working, but Cablevision doesn't send the signal in Dolby 5.1 because that would take more bandwidth. Just like they talk about digital cable but alot of those channels are still being broadcast in analog.

Be careful with those cheap DVI cables. I also saw a website with DVI cable for around $15 but they also had one for $85. Doesn't make sense. There must be some difference.

Anyway let us know how it goes if you do get it.
The difference is more money for the manufacturer and dealer. No brand works any better than any other.
Is it worth the money? I thought the DVI cable only really worked for fixed pixel displays. Component cables may be all you need. I would borrow a DVI cable and try it to see if you see a difference. If you don't see any difference take it back and save your money.
It's not about PQ (for me anyway)... it's that i have too many conflicts for inputs on my receiver, and pushing the HD box directly to the tv via DVI would help matters...
I recently had two HD and one HD DVR boxes installed from Cablevision.

Both regular HD boxes output DD 5.1 thru the coaxial digital output. The HD DVR (SA 8300) has both coaxial and toslink digital outputs. I used the coaxial output for my convenience, however, I noticed it will not output a signal if the TV that is also connected via HDMI/DVI adapter cable is turned off, as in the case of listening to the music channels in DD 2.0

Thanks for the info regarding digital coax output on the regular SA HD box. It seems there is some confusion about this.

I don't understand what you mean about the tv being turned off. You say connected via HDMI/DVI adapter? The box I'm refering to only has DVI output, no HDMI. So are you saying connected via the cable boxes DVI output (which I wasn't even sure was working as discussed in earlier posts in this thread) to the TV's HDMI port via adapter cable? If so since this is a DVI output its gonna be a video signal only no audio. And how would the cable box know the tvs not on? I don't understand. Can you explain further?


your saying $15 for a dvi cable sounds feasable??
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There are some out there for $10.
I just got mine from amazon today for $13.99, tacked it onto another purchase to get free shipping (orders over $25)... Sooo damn busy I won't have time to try and use it til later in the week.

Will let you know what comes of it....

Cables have possibly the largest mark-up in history (next to contact lenses of the late 80's)...

A friend of mine frequents computer shows where he gets name brand cables (that retail for $50-100) for as little as $9...

hope my dvi works... and by the way Pat... you've been extremely helpful with so much information of the years... thanks again.
has anyone noticed that the DVI-DVI cables are more money then the DVI-HDMI cables. I wonder why?
Well looks like Cablevision was up to a few tricks, with me anyway..

I've connected the DVI cable and it seems to function fine. PQ? Well I see no improvement over component, but then again I have a CRT TV so there really is no advantage for DVI in terms of PQ.

Just for kicks I tried the Coaxial Digital Audio Connection.... and it is active. It passes Dolby Digital just fine. I have no idea why they would deliberately mislead me, as this is a feature worth exploiting...

So bpitt, for what you want to know. On my SA 4200 HD Cablevision box... both DVI and Coaxial Digital Audio work fine...
So is there a difference between DVI-HDMI and HDMI-DVI? Reason I ask is my Mitsu is DVI-HDCP and my 8300HD-DVR is HDMI. I was going to order a DVI cable from Milestek (for a HTPC) but they don't carry HDMI cables so I can't get one from them.
Originally posted by stromm
So is there a difference between DVI-HDMI and HDMI-DVI? Reason I ask is my Mitsu is DVI-HDCP and my 8300HD-DVR is HDMI. I was going to order a DVI cable from Milestek (for a HTPC) but they don't carry HDMI cables so I can't get one from them.
No, they work in both directions - here's one source.
I have the SA 8000HD/DVR box. It has DVI out and my Tosh 51H84 has HDMI in. I plan on getting the 8300HD/DVR from Adelphia when they are again available. In the meantime I want to run an HDMI cable from the box to the TV using a DVI adapter for the box. Any ideas on where to buy the cable and adapter at B&M stores as opposed to on-line. I'd like to get this set up for the week-end. Thanks.
Wow that source has good prices. Are their cables good enough or am I better off with someone else's?
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