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Which video card would have component output?

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I currently have an ATI AIW 9700 Pro on my gaming PC which I connected to my Sony 34XBR800 for occasional gaming.

Now I just upgraded my 2nd PC and I'd like to use it in the family room as HTPC. I currently have ATI AIW 8500 which is okay I guess as I don't plan on playing games on the family room TV anyway, but I'd like to run SnapStream on it.

Which new ATI video card comes with component out other than 9700/9800 AIW series? I've checked their 9000 and 9600 but they don't seem to support component out.

My family room TV is Sony 57" HDTV 16:9, don't have the model number off my head, but it doesn't have DVI input.

Or can I buy a conversion cable going from D-Sub VGA to component? I have seen it before but not sure where to get one.

Thanks for your information.

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You can get a component output adapter from ATI for your 8500. Most of the new cards from ATI all support component out with their adapter. Check ATI's website. This adapter will give you 480p or 1080i output to your Sony.

Good luck,

Also, for $100 - 150 you can buy a VGA->Componant transcoder, which means almost any modern vidcard will drive your set with Powerstrip.
Originally posted by grot
Also, for $100 - 150 you can buy a VGA->Componant transcoder, which means almost any modern vidcard will drive your set with Powerstrip.
I thought it was easier & cheaper than that -- isn't VGA>Component just an adapter?
Thanks for all the responses. I'll see if I can get the DVI -> component adapter cheaper than from ATI.

I can't believe an adapter requires $20 for shipping.


I am in a similar situation, but I just want to know what's possible with my setup!

I have an ATI AIW Radeon 9800 pro. It came with a pigtailed component output from the TV out, as well as CATV in, TV in, and a DVI out that currently has a DVI-VGA adapter connected to it, w/ a 19" trinitron connected to that. My question:

I'd like to connect the PC via component output to our current TV (32" 2nd gen wega). At some point in time, I'd also like to hook this computer up to an x1. WHat would my best options be for connectivity, and what is possible through the TV out pigtailed component output?

I'd like to be able to play full res Imax DVD's as well.

I have an AIW 9700 which has that pigtail component output and I've been using dual monitor setup with this. Main screen is 18" LCD, HDTV is secondary display to Windows XP.

Is your current 32" TV a HDTV set? If it is, once you hook it up, you can change the resolution in Windows. I'm pretty sure you can hook up your X1 as well through component.

I'm not familar with x1 but does it have VGA or DVI input? If that's the case, you can use component for TV and VGA/DVI for your x1 for dual output.

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There is also a new card comming to the market from Club 3D. It's powered by the new S3 Deltachrome which is capable of putting out native component video. See: http://www.s3graphics.com/DeltaChromeHiDef.html

Can do 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p
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