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WhisperFlow Kudos for my Runco Ultra

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This forum was the path that led me to find the solution to my unenclosed Runco Ultra which was a noise machine, space heater, and dehumidifier all in one. Dave Beatty spent time with me on the phone and then traveled to my home in Connecticut to make his own measurements to ensure a perfect enclosure.

On schedule, Dave then hand-delivered the meticulously wrapped enclosure and all the necessary bits and pieces to make the installation a snap. True to his word the enclosure was both the perfect solution and an engineering beauty. The fit and finish was superb and made installation by 2 people a breeze.

Since an open unfinished attic is right above the projection room we installed 2 fans venting straight up into the ceiling with a powerful and dead quiet fan on the side of the enclosure to draw air into the box. Taking temperature readings around the Runco now with the forced airflow, it runs cooler than the original unenclosed operation (which also means a cost savings by not having to crank up our air conditioning during summertime viewings)

So thanks to all the folks on this board for pointing me in Dave's direction and a big thanks to Dave for his outstanding customer service, thoroughness and for the pefect final touch for my home theater.
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any chance you could throw up a pic of this thing??? I'm very curious...as quieting my viewing environment is paramount to me!

I second that!
Before and After Images are posted to the CRT Theater Photo Gallery section... The next time I need to pull the faceplate off I'll grab a couple of interior shots and hopefully can show the upward venting fans at the back ceiling. 'Tis a thing of beauty...
Out of curiousity, where in CT are you? We CT CRTers need to band together ;)
Don't the lens holes allow a lot of sound to escape?

Ben, the "cutouts" are actually Edmund Optical Glass set within the Translucent Plexi faceplate. The unit is completely sealed for noise/dust (except for the intake fan on the side which is baffled for noise reduction and has a cleanable filter)

What material is the box made up of?? Does it have any sound-deadening properties to it??

Ben, it's full (thick) plexi sheeting with an acrylic frame (REALLY Inert materials for damping sound/vibrations) and the interior is fully lined with some foam sheeting sound damping.

Best bet is to do a search on Whisperflow on these forums, some of the folks here that I learned the details from have much more technical descriptions, or just check out the whisperflow site -- Dave Beatty's website for more details. He's a great guy and can answer just about any question you have about the enclosure variables you'll specifically need.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding a projector hushbox for your home theater!

Thanks for the comments and have a Happy New Year!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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