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White okay for Theater Cabinet if walls and ceiling are dark?

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Or will it cause too many reflections?
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I think it'll. Depending on your room setup, the ceiling and side walls will reflect light back to the white cabinet and light it up. It will help if you carpet, ceiling and side walls are all in black. But I doubt that's the case if your cabinet is white.
white would not be my choice, you could put some black velvet wrapped panels on the sides, top and bottom of the adjacent cabinets creating a shadow box, same for that brick wall which is peaking out from behind the screen.

Thanks.  That is not my cabinet, but mine will be similar except there will be no gaps around the screen.
A wall of cabinets for a home theater needs to be carefully implemented so as to not ruin the sound of speakers sitting in niches. I would also think about an acoustically transparent screen and get the center channel elevated in the room.
I think that's worse than the walls or ceilings being white. I mean, it's right by your screen. Especially if you can't do the black margin Big suggested

Here is my plan.  I thought about an AT screen but I want a motorized screen so I can have another tv behind for wii and Kinect for my kids.


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Plan B - tower speakers are no further from the wall but a bit more breathing room on the sides if that matters.


But this puts them closer together unless I go larger than 120" on the screen.


Blue is AT screen, mesh at bottom would be solid but shown in mesh.  I could put a row of drawers on the bottom to hold stuff and have the speakers on top . Would have to build a shelf or buy a stand for the centre channel.  In this design I would eventually get a bookshelf (vertical) speaker for centre but use my CC700 for now.


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Compromise either way. With AT screen you some picture and some sound and in my case front speakers would be too close together for 11' viewing distance.

Gonna stick with speakers beside. I lose on center channel height and speakers, while closer to side wall can be further from rear wall.
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