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White painted Aluminium Sheets for front projection screen material

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Pre painted aluminum sheets come in 1500x3000mm size (giving you about 110" diagonal taking masking and other factors in effect) painted in RAL 9010 white but are rather glossy.

For me it would be the easiest solution of making a fixed frame screen and i've tested projecting a image on a small sheet i have here at home and the bright colors look simply amazing compared to the white painted wall but like expected the darker colors are slightly more washed out.

Although pre painted aluminium isn't the cheapest material in town it does give the benefit of removing the frame so to speak from the equation.

How can i find out the gain of the material or just simply if it is too glossy ?

and has anybody tried this before?


Acer PH730

white walls & ceiling excluding the wall where screen would come that is brown blackout cloth

Regards from the land of ice and snow

Ólafur Marteinsson
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Another new Member / Poster! We all give you a hearty welcome to AVS's DIY Screen Forum!

The Laminated Aluminum sheets have been used before, but always with some variety of paint coating. Sounds like your trying to use the Glossy surface, and if so....yes, it's too Glossy. The "Baked On" White is almost "Mirror-like" in gloss on the sheets I have used. They do offer a "Glass Smooth" substrate that won't ever warp or bow, but they also can be dented (...though it does take quite lick to do so....) They are heavier than most similarly sized materials, so although they are rigid and require no supporting Framework, they can be a bit more difficult to mount suspended on a wall.

But if done right, the AL Panels can be made into nifty "Zero Edge" screens, and if the correct paint is chosen and applied correctly, perform with exceptional ambient light resistance.
Wow....where did this come from.

- It can be pretty cheap if imported fyi
Not when compared to Expanded PVC Board (Komtex/Sintra), especially if it's 8-10mm+. Then there is the weight, as well as the potential of dents that cannot be dealt with except by filling them in and then coating the entire Material with a skim of Drywall compound.

Basically, it's only redeeming quality is it's being impervious to weathering, and the application of a Exterior Matt Polyurethane or Flat Enamel can tame the Gloss.

Some time back I installed a large, uncut piece in a Theater, w/Side Curtain Masking, and Pull Down Top Masking, It was / had to be painted with Black Flame 1.0, and worked splendidly. But I only used it because a full sized sample was sent to me, and it was heavy and a pain to deal with, so after 9 years, it's never been attempted again. Now that's me talkin', but if it means anything, if it was indeed a preferred choice...or even a acceptable choice IMO, you'd have seen me using it fairly often.

I did toy with the idea of Tiling pieces to create a skin for a Outdoor Drive-In Screen on Maui, but between Shipping costs and the potential of large, heavy sheets blowing around the Island come the Kona Winds. Instead, A Oil-Based Black Flame formula Painted onto 3/8" Plywood secured with 2-5/8" Screws onto a 2x4- 2'x 2' square Lattice Framework secured to Telephone Poles won out. Must'a been a good decision, because 8 years later it's still standing and has needed no repairs or repainting.
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