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Who else has B&O style side hinges ?

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I really like the side hinges that Bang & Olufsen have on their all-in-one displays ... so you can open them off the wall like a door:


Do any other manufacturers have a side hinge like this ?
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How do you know it has side hinges/mount vs. being mounted on an articulating wall mount?

I have been to the B&O store and looked at it - it has these nice hinges that build right into the side, which allow it to:

a) close totally flush to the wall (no mount in between)

b) open out like a door on a hinge...

Hard to believe B&O is the only one that can do this...
They probably aren't the only ones that can do it, just the only ones that feel a need to use a gimmick like this to sell overpriced televisions.

On a less sarcastic note this functionality would add so much to the price of a set that it would be very difficult to sell in the mass market, and unlike B&O other mfgs. have to sell in the mass market. It's just not something that's going to sell sets to the average price conscious buyer.
That's too bad. There isn't a lot of room for innovation in flat panels - at this point the average user can't tell a very good panel from an average one in terms of PQ.

But this side hinge thingy ... man, it's really the bees knees.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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