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I would like to hear from any of you out there who have the HLP4663W and had its complete Light Engine replaced under warranty.

I want to know if you can provide the Part Number that was used, as per the service center's receipt to you.

And I would like you to comment on whether your picture geopmetry was correct after this was done.

Reason? Samsung parts claims that this LE is "one size fits all", yet the 2nd LE sent--and for some reason it was shipped to me and left on my porch!!-- has the same part number as the one that was put in last month and produces the wrong geometry.

And since I now have the box, I see that it is clearly labelled "Engine Ass'y L3 -50"."

I am about at my wits end with the non-responsiveness from Samsung CS, and contemplating legal action. I do know that the messed up picture geometry, presumably from the LE trying to throw this further onto a larger screen, was NOT an issue before the original LE was pulled out. Nor is any of this adjustable via the SM.

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