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Would you purchase a Animatrix special Edition on HDDVD?

  • Yes! I want it!

    Votes: 95 73.1%
  • No,I am happy with the standard dvd release

    Votes: 35 26.9%

Who Wants a Animatrix Special Edition on HDDVD?

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Would you purchase a special HD edition of the animatrix?

Or are you happy with just the standard dvd release?
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I really want an HD Version and had one been included in the Ultimate set, I would've opted for that instead of the Complete one.

I own 2 copies of it on DVD already (one stand-alone and one from the 10-disc set) - while not the greatest 'movie', it would make a great HD demo. I wouldn't be too surprised if they release it in HD on Blu Ray later down the road when the series is released on that format. Even as a stand-alone release I wouldn't hesitate purchasing it for the standard price that discs are selling for.
I would only get it if it was in HD...
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Who wants a full-length animated movie version of "The Second Renaissance"?
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i'd love to get Animatrix on HD but i want BMW's The Hire even more
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I would love an HD version of the Animatrix but since they skippe dout on it i will just buy the COmplete series instead. If the Ultimate collection including it in HD i would of bought that one Its a shame that Wb didn't make it in High Def
Looked Really Good on TnT-HD
Absolutely want it on HD DVD. That's the reason I went with The Complete Matrix Trilogy and not The Ultimate. Yes, WB, yet another screwup and yet another chance for you to have made an extra 30 bucks and you didn't.

I really wish you'd stop being so lazy.
I wonder why Warner didn't go the extra mile with Animatrix when they included HD Looney Tunes shorts on Robin Hood and March of the Penguins. I would have gotten the Ultimate set if Animatrix was HD.
I know that HD masters exist of the Animatrix and the Enter the Matrix footage. Why not include them in the set???
Does the Ultimate version NOT come with it in HD?

By the way, apparently MS is going to allow you to download The Animatrix from there site for free if you buy the complete HD-DVD. I don't know if that will be in HD or not.
Of course I want the Animatrix in HD. However, I'm not prepared to pay full price for it as a separate release. They really should have included it in the Ultimate Collection where it belongs. I already have it on DVD as well as all 3 films so buying the extras again without any HD upgrades was not going to happen.

Looked Really Good on TnT-HD

didn't someone already post screen caps of that showing, and determine it was just upconverted? it was in one of the many, many animatrix/HD threads a couple months ago.
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