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I just subscribed to Comcast high definition and got the Motorola

DCT6412 box. I have the box connected to a Pioneer Elite VXS-84TXSi

receiver, which is connected to a Sony VPL-VW100 front projector through an

HDMI cable.

The problem is that the Motorola box only works through the receiver if

its connected with the composite cables. If I connect it with the HDMI

cable I get an error message saying "the set top box does not does not

support HD Content Protected Repeaters. Please use the YPbPr outputs

for your HD connection." While its saying this you can see the picture

displayed correctly in the background. After a few seconds this

message goes away and only a green screen is shown.

Now if I connect the Motorola box directly to the front projector with

the HDMI cable I get a perfect video signal. This suggests there is a

problem with the signal going through the receiver and coming out to

the front projector.

I called Pioneer and they told me that the issue is that the Motorola

box is using HDMI version 1.0, which does not support the content

protection needed to use a HDMI version 1.2 device, such as the receiver. I

was told that the solution is for Motorola to provide a firmware update

to the box.

I emailed Motorola and they said "You will need to contact Comcast to see if they have a firmware update available for this modem. You need to have 12:35 or higher to be able to connect to the receiver with HDMI."

When I called comcast they had no idea what I was talking about and said if the signal works with the composite cables and when its connected correctly the box is working and its not their problem.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue. Who should provide the firmware update?
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