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Our new home will get constructed soon and it's from a national builder. So, customization will be minimal to none.

I have a dedicated space marked for home theater in the basement. The basement will be about 14 x 35 x 8.
I'll be building Titans and 4 Devastator Subs for the HT.

I'm planning to setup whole house audio on all 3 levels. So, I'll get some in-ceiling (8 or 10inch) speakers.
I'll probably use few Dayton's or Monoprice's 6 zone/channel amplifiers with room controllers.
I understand that the sub-bass from these will be limited which might be fine for the Main & Top floors.
For the basement however, I would like to have a great sounding (club :)) music system.
The entire basement is around 2000 sq ft (not including HT - as mentioned, it'll have it's own speakers & subs)

I was planning to get 6 or 8 UM18 or LaVoce SAF184.03 (GSG recommends LaVoce drivers on their website) drivers and build MBM 18s and space them throughout the floor. I'll use 3-4 inuke 6000DSP just for the subs.

Can you all please advise me on the following:
i) Would you recommend UM18 or SAF184.03 drivers?
ii) How & where to place these subs so that they integrate well with in-ceiling speakers and not be that intrusive?
iii) How to wire the subs & in-ceiling speakers. I have seen instructions for only in-ceiling speakers & room controllers
iv) Can I place these subs (MBM 18s or some other builds/arrangement) in the ceilings along with in-ceiling speakers?

I really appreciate all your input & advice!!

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