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Whole house communication

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With whole house audio from companies like Russound, Niles, etc., there can be different audio to various zones. But how do I communicate within the house?

19 years ago, I installed a Nutone system. It played the same music and each room had a mono speaker with a volume control. But in my new house being built, how do I two-way communicate with the Mrs for example, other than shouting or walking around to find her?
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If you are only looking for back-and-forth communication and not music and such, the easiest solution would be to use your phone system. Several friends of mine with larger homes find that to be pretty effective since most rooms are going to have a phone anyway. You can also use this same system to control gates or your front door locks. Someone pages from the driveway and you key in a code and they're in. No reason to set up a bunch of separate systems when it can be all in one package.
Malson, who makes such a telephone system using at least two lines and including wireless with the wired? Maybe Panasonic? Any experiences anyone?
Check here to see some models.

Be sure to look at the KX-TAW848 and the KX-TA624. These will allow for a mix of wired and wireless to intercom and page each other.
I just got done setting up a Panasonic system with the KX-TAW848.

This can use the proprietary Panasonic phones and/or "regular" phones and/or wireless phones.

The Panasonic wireless phones are a little pricey but give excellent quality and can be used as "intercoms" and "speaker"phones.

The Panasonic proprietary phones are the standard desk phone s you see with the LCD screen readout. These are used as intercoms as well.

We also integrated their voice mail system. We can access our messages from any phone in the house without a "box" on the kitchen counter. And the messages can be directed to different people in our house, ie wife, children, pets, etc.

Bought most of the stuff on ebay after a few months of stalking the site.

The system way entirely configured by myself without any previous telecom experience.
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Do you have any issues with the 848 system?

I have heard they have problems, but maybe they have been fixed.

Does the caller ID logging at each handset log all calls?

I have not had any issues.

The caller ID does log calls that have not been answered. I do have a feeling that it may not be catching all of them.

Has this been a problem??
I thought there were problems with CID

I wanted to get this system, but want to make sure all the cool stuff is working.

Do you have all phones set to ring on an incomming call?

PeteMN says there is no global CID log

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