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whole house intercom with good sound

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Hello all:

Please excuse me I just realized this was the right place for this post (which I originally posted in the AMPS section).

I'm moving to a new house in the next month or so and was wondering wether there is an intercom system out there that can also double as a whole-house distribution system.

This is what I envision:

A master station that can receive a line-level input from a source.

The ability to listen to this source at any station with relatively good quality on external speakers (not at the intercom station necessarily).

The ability to monitor any station from any station (so I can monitor our two babies).

It this even possible?

Thanks in advice for any direction you all can give me.

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Hey Wally: Its been my experience that there is no such thing as a good sounding intercom system. My suggestion is to buy, instead, a good phone system, such as the Panasonic KSU based systems. You will have your intercoming needs satisfied, along with alot more. Good sounding audio does not go hand in hand with an intercom system. Keep them separate. If you want a good sounding audio system multiroom, do that independently. From my experience, Nutone is a nightmare from a servicing & parts availability side. They break down alot, and the sound quality is poor. The cost is high for what you get.
This is like the fifth person to advice this. It seems that we're going to do it this way.

Besides sound, the main thing I wanted was to be able to monitor both of my kid's rooms, but doesn't seem possible either.

Thanks you all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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