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Whole House Stereo Distribution

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Have four rooms prewired for stereo. Each room has an impedance-matching volume control. Speaker wiring connects with my home entertainment center.

At my home theater/entertainment center location I would like to connect a single stereo pair of jacks (four five-ways) in wall. I am looking for a connector (placed in the wall cavity) that will split and distribute this stereo pair to the other four rooms.

Since this will be in the wall cavity I am looking for as small and simple (passive - non-powered) of a connector as possible. I have seen small PC-like boards used on various larger components that would be just perfect if they were available as standalone items. This OnQ product is an example:

Does anyone know of a standalone item like I am looking for?
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You could use a terminal strip from radio shack since you have IM volume controls
I used this guy from smarthome


Seemed a little pricey but its nice. I used the IR one also.
Thanks "timle" that VC-J8 looks like what I hoped was available.
You might try the EZB-1 from Russound as well.

Here's a pic.

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SteveF the ezb1 is exactly what I described. If it is competitively priced it should be a winner. Thanks!
I've used the Smarthome and the Russound products mention. In my opinion, the Smarthome box is much better. It is a little bulkier (is that a word) than the Russound. I tried the Russound because I wanted to have it inside a wall, but while trying to move the thing around to get it into the wall (after cables were connected) the plastic around the receiver pins feel all to pieces. The Smarthome box had to be mounted on the wall, but it is much more rugged. Plus, the connections are enclosed, so the presentation is cleaner.
Very much appreciate hearing about your direct experience with both items. This is what makes these forums so valuable. Thanks!
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