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This place is kinda over whelming so i had no idea where to post so i picked this place i hope its ok. I want to build a whole wall entertainment center 2 ft off the wall. Put 46 inch tv in it and speakers and sub and components and yes i have everything. Still running wire and doing drywall patches and wALl terminals yall know the drill. Im not too bad with my hands i am remodeling my house now BUT im not the ebst carpenter out there does anybody have any suggestions on a design? Any tips what to plain for, what not to worry about ,what not to do... anything. I know how iu want everything placement wise but building a strudy structure thats not going to fall off the wall when i turn my back like something out of the movies worries me a bit. I was thinking building it in 3 pieces start at base and build and 2x4 skeleton and screw and glue to floor and studs around the wall with 3 inch deck screws and that would give me my tv height. Then do the same for the other two sections. Can anyone see a flaw in this method? SO the base skeleton will look like a square tunnel so it will be rigind. Help i know you guys know what your doing

Thanks in advance

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