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Who's bought the Sony KDE-42xs955 and how is it?

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Hi, I'm think of buying my first Plasma and I thinking of buying the Sony KDE42xs955. I have seen it and the picture quality looks good. Also like apperance of it, just trying to get some feed back on its quailty and how people like it when they get it home? One other queston is on the resolution. Is 1024x1024 better or wores then the 50"xs955 with a 1368x768 resolution? Would I even notice? Tying to figure out what to get. Thanks for any input.:D
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Theoretically 1024x1024 isn't even HDTV because HD resolutions are either 1280x720 or 1920x1080. 1024^2 can't resolve all the horizontal detail in a 720p picture or all the vertical resolution in a 1080i picture.

Most plasma manufacturer seem to be calling anything above 852x480 HD though.

Whether you'll actually notice... I would be surprised if you did on anything except PC input.
Thanks for the info, I'll just have to look a t the picture a liitle more and see if I can see any difference.
I also am interested in this model . To me the picture quality was quite good. Also tried it with an SD input and it was better than some of the others that I tested. IMHO its typical sony- very nice styling, excellent build quality, they are one of the best in marketing hype, and always push proprietory features wherever they can [media stick]. That being said,I suggest you look for what is important to you, besides the picture quality which is obvious and forget numbers and look at price,build quality and feature content etc. I am new to the site, however there are many extremely knowledge people on this board [ I am not one of them] and I have received some very helpful assistance. However ,the bottom line is that at some point you will need to make a decision as it's your money and your investment. I am sure you will be happy either way you go.
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FWIW, I saw the 37" xs955 over the weekend in a BB in Albuquerque, sitting right next to a 42" consumer Panasonic HD. Still haven't found a 42-inch xs955 to view with my own eyes.

The Sony sure looked HD to me. Both my wife and I actually preferred the Sony picture to the Pany. I know, I know, a 37-incher should look better than a 42-incher because of pixel closeness, but I think it was something else. I took the Sony out of "vivid" but couldn't figure out what the Pany was doing (was probably torch mode), and the Sony just seemed more lifelike. Seemed softer or something, more natural. Maybe the Pany would have looked better in standard, but . . .

Also, FWIW, the Sony box has a more pleasing style to both of us.

Over and out.

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I have viewed both sizes and found their picture in SD to be nicer than the one you mentioned. However the pioneer looked just as nice to me as the two sony's.
As was already mentioned, the Sony is a 1024x1024 Alis panel.

I have read great things about the Alis panel.

Something interesting I just read on the hdtvexpert(dot)com site that is mentioned on the AVS Forum front page regarding Alis 1024x1024 panels and their picture with HDTV material...

When reading the article: Is 1:1 pixel mapping possible with today's projectors and monitors?

I came upon this statement that makes me go hmmmmm....

"(Believe it or not, 720p and 1080i HD content both look cleaner and crisper on 852x480 plasma than they do on 1024x1024ALiS panels!)" - HDTVEXPERT(dot)com - by Peter H. Putman, CTS

Something to note if this is in fact true. This reviewer has nothing to gain by saying this. Just a review on all the different panel resolutions.

Makes me not want to get an ALis panel. Or if I'm considering a plasma and it happens to be an Alis plasma, then I might just get the EDTV version of it.
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