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I was just curious to see who is still using the Supermicro SC846 servers that we purchased from Tamsolutions a few years back. I still have mine though sitting unused right now. I have 3 of the servers including a 1U unit too.

However, I am debating on what to re-purpose them for. Most here I know have used them for data storage of tv shows, movies, etc. One of my servers still have the huge SM motherboard and original hardware that came with the server. I plan to do away with that board and its ram and replace it with the Supermicro X8SIL-F board with the Xeon X3440 CPU.

Why do this instead of going with a newer board?

Well, let's just say that I have gone a bit beyond the home server for just media use, although it still plays a big role. I've been building a home IT lab with more servers having bought a couple Dell PowerEdge servers (an R610, x3 R710's and have a R510 on the way) and created a cluster with Hyper-V. I'm returning to school after 22 years to get into IT so having this gear will come in very handy.

So that leaves the question on the SM server boxes I still have. I have already replaced the motherboard of one of the 846 chassis with the X8SIL-F, and the second box I may do the same, and keep the original PSU's since I have the quieter ones.

I probably will use one of the 846 boxes to store the ISO's of all my DVD's and BD's, and then just use that server for cold storage, meaning it won't be running unless I need to do a restoration from any of the ISO's.

The other 846 I am still pondering, may use that for semi-cold storage for video files and projects that I will ingest on my workstation, and have transferred there for later use. Also may not be on 24/7 either.

The only stumbling block I have is that both server have the original SAS backplanes. Though I can put in a 6Gbps HBA or RAID card, the backplane is still limited of course to 3Gbps, and 2TB drives, which may not matter too much in this case since speed and power isn't a priority this time around. If I go RAID for these two boxes it would be RAID 6--but I still have two Pro licenses of unRAID I could possibly utilize in those two boxes as well, and forgo the RAID card, as they will be just storage servers only. And since the 846 version of the SAS2 backplane is hard to find, I pretty much won't bother trying to find one, as I don't want to get another chassis just for the BP. I have a Rosewill server case with updated hardware running Drivepool and Scanner so I should be set once all the hard drive bays are filled.

Decisions, decisions!
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