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WHP (CBS) - Harrisburg, PA

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Has anyone been periodically losing the Digital OTA signal from WHP (CBS) in Harrisburg? Last night (Monday), I lost the signal about 9:30PM. I lost all of CSI, Miami (Rats!). I have also lost the signal periodically between 8:00PM and 10:00PM on other dates over the past few weeks. The digital signals from other channels seem to be OK.

I am trying to determine if I have a unique problem or if the station is having problems.
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Dear Brian

You are practically looking at WHP;s tower. ( living in Enola).

Give them a call. It is probably their problem. Interference should

not be a problem. You are located in their grade A area.



I live near Hummelstown and watch WHP HD signal. I watched CSI:Miami on Monday night and the signal was fine at my house (every once in a while I get breakup in the picture but I believe that is do to the fact my antenna is in the attic and I am surrounded by trees creating multipath issues).

A couple weeks ago, I lost WHP HD signal entirely but that was due to a problem with my receiver (Zenith DTV-1080).

When I had called WHP to track down that issue, they did tell me they had lost an amplifier and their signal power was down about 14%. I don't know if they have received a new amplifier yet or not, but that did not impact my reception.

The only other issue I have had with WHP is that once in a while they forget to "throw the switch" and transmit the SD picture instead of the HD picture (I have now memorized the telephone number to their engineering department and they are very good about switching to the HD signal the instant I call to remind them).

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