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I might use some help on my new Flexraid setup on HP n40l server with WHS 2011. There are a large population of users on this forum using similar setup. Here is what I did so far:

1. Installed Flexraid as an "Administrator" user. I'm not sure if I had used another user with admin rights.

2. Installed Serviio media server for couple of DLNA devices I have.

3. Installed MySQL in order to use with XBMC.

3. Installed Plex Media Server for online/remote access to my media.

4. Created a Flexraid Pool and Snapshot raid.

5. Gave access to pool to two users - user1 with FULL and "Everyone" READ only (on both WHS dashboard and Flexraid Shares).

The good thing is that I can the share from all my windows machines. I get a decent a copy speed of about 50MBs which is better than what I used to from ny NAS drives I'm replacing.

Now the issues:

1. Did I do something wrong by not using an admin account other than Administrator to install everything ?

2. My PS3 can see and play content using Serviio but WDTV SMP doesn't see the media server. Any ideas?

3. I can see the server on WDTV under the Windows Share but would not connect at all (invalid username or password).

I'm stuck here. I haven't yet tried to configure XBMC or Plex. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
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