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Ever since switching to DXVA for DVD's and SDTV I've noticed anything that's red bleeds heavily and is poorly defined. For example car break lights, or any red lights, red lips, etc.

I'm not sure if I ever got this problem using FFDShow while upscaling, it's something I've only ever noticed this now with DXVA (Ati 3200HD, PowerDVD 8 and 9 Video/Sp Decoder).

I have confirmed that these dodgy reds occur with VMR9/EVR, PDVD DVXA and FFDShow, the only solution I've found is to use FFDShow's resize, which removes all the issues with the red.

So that leads me to believe that the GPU isn't scaling red's very well to my panel size.

Is there any solution to this besides using FFDShow to resize?

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