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Why did you go LCD ?

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I recently purchased an LCD Sony KDL52w3000 which I like very much. My friend on the other hand has emailed me a plethora of information outlining why Plasma TV's are better in so many ways. I have to admit I didn't even really consider plasma, I just decided on LCD due to my TV being next to a large window, I didn't want the glare. However, after reading the information he has sent me.

Plasmas dont suffer from any motion Blur.

They have more natural color tones giving picture quality more similiar to a tube tv. They have better blacks, and are cheaper in price.

I know there are many educated people here on the subject of Flatscreen TV's I was just wondering if you could shed some light on why you went LCD instead of Plasma, as I am wondering if I made a huge mistake ?

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Plasma refills are too expensive.

But, honestly it's the weight. Plasma sets are generally heavier than LCD at the same size.
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I have been unable to find accurate data on LCD vs. Plasma in picture quality. It seems as though most feel plasma is better, or at least in the past has been better. I was just wondering on what the opinions here are.
My TV room has south-facing windows opposite the TV that let in quite a bit of ambient light. I am also concerned about burn in, despite claims by salesmen that plasmas no longer have that problem.
Burn in might be a minor issue these days, but it's still an issue, from the reports I've seen. I very rarely watch full-frame 16:9 video, and play a lot of games, so I didn't want to worry about that. Also, I needed proper 24p handling, which only Pioneers and high-end Panasonics can do. The Pioneers are too expensive, and the 800 series Panasonics have unwatchable flicker apparently. I do prefer the more CRT-like look of plasma though
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Two Words - Image Retention. I had a plasma and noticed image retention after a week. It might have gone away after the break-in period, but I didn't want a high-maintenance tv. Took it back and got a Sony KDL40V3000. I feel better about my purchase now.
Excure my ignorance but what is 24p handling ?
I was originally going to get a plasma because of unacceptable motion blur on previous (last year's) LCDs that I saw in stores. But when I saw this year's LCD models, where at least the upper models had improved motion handling, I became satisfied enough with that aspect to buy an upper-model LCD. I was also concerned about plasmas being generally too dark, as I have sunlight coming in from two large windows in my tv room, and the LCDs were noticeably brighter. The darkness of the plasmas, in my opinion, also caused somewhat "dirty whites," which did not occur with LCDs. For a basement game room, where brightness is not as much of an issue, plasma would be an excellent choice. The off-axis contrast of plasma is still better than LCD also. In addition, I knew that I would be still viewing a fair amount of non-stretched 4x3 standard-definition video with black sidebars for a while, and I was also concerned about image retention, even though I know today's plasmas are much improved in this area. I think both are very good technologies, each with its subtle pluses and minuses...
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Originally Posted by kcee7 /forum/post/14109644

Excure my ignorance but what is 24p handling ?

Movies are filmed at 24fps, and blu-ray/HDDVD players can output 24hz signals, but most flat panel displays refresh the screen 60 times a second. 60 isn't evenly divisible by 24, so you have to repeat certain frames more than other. This creates some motion judder. If your panel refreshes at a multiple of 24, like 48, 72, or 120hz, you can display each frame for the same amount of time and retain the original motion of the film. Not a big deal to most people here it seems, especially with all those motion interpolation technologies, but it bothers me.

Here's a reasonably accurate list of the TVs that can do it right: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=997138
If I have this correct, 24p is the 24 frames-per-second (progressively displayed on the screen) that most movies are filmed in. Since many tvs only display in 60p (60 frames per second), a conversion from 24 to 60 has to take place someplace, either in the DVD player or in the tv. This conversion is sometimes clunky due to the 3:2 ratio, resulting in jerky video displayed on the screen. Newer tv's with 24p capability are able to display video at 24p, in addition to 60p, hence no conversion needed. The 24p rate also preserves the accurate reproduction of the original movie.

Pretty sure this is how it works. Please correct me if I have anything wrong here...
Oops - sorry 42041 - didn't know you were posting right when I was typing this out...
I just prefer the picture produced by LCDs vs plasmas.
I perfer the PQ from LCD's and this question is very debatable it's not clear cut in either direction, anyone who says either has better or worse overall PQ is speaking their opinon and it is in no way a fact.

They both do well in certain areas and no display is perfect in every area.
I actually prefer the PQ of LCD's over plasmas. I still think plasmas have the advantage while watching sports but this advantage has lessened lately. I just couldn't get over the dull picture produced by plasmas. The whites are incredibly dull. Someone earlier said it well, they just look dirty. And although some people do not like it, I love AMP (or whatever interpolation design you have). And they may be myths but being heavier, more fragile, and consuming more power also scared me away from plasmas.
My decision was based mainly on the reflection. No matter how much they advertise "glare-reducing" filters over the glass, plasma screens are still like mirrors, similar to "tube TVs".

With the windows and skylights in my room, a plasma wouldn't cut it during daytime viewing.

Also, while plasma backers will praise the blacks, how about the whites? LCD's definately have the edge there. I found whites on plasmas to be dull/gray.

For blacks, fast motion and that "looking through a window" appearance, plasmas definately have the advantage. LCD advantages include lack of reflections (new Samsung models excluded), lighter weight, whiter whites, thinner frame, and no fear of image retention.
Weight and power usage. Power prices are becoming insane here, so i cut out the thought of a plasma from my budget, as they still suck electricity like no one else. They also are too heavy for me to lug up 6 flights of stairs, so I just made a slight image and size sacrifice and went with the Samsung 650 (52"). So far loving it, and dont regret my purchase at all (before was going to buy a Kuro)

Originally Posted by gcd0865 /forum/post/14109698

In addition, I knew that I would be still viewing a fair amount of non-stretched 4x3 standard-definition video with black sidebars for a while, and I was also concerned about image retention, even though I know today's plasmas are much improved in this area. I think both are very good technologies, each with its subtle pluses and minuses...

That was the primary issue guiding my decision. I have a huge backlog of older games (PS2 and GC, which, surprisingly, look very good on my set) and I was worried about uneven phosphor wear. Yes, I know there are ways to mitigate that, but I don't want to have to deal with it at all.

I prefer plasma, based on what I've seen in-store, but I'm not the least bit unhappy with my Sammy LCD.
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Mainly cause I'm a big gamer (watch alot of Blu-rays & HD DVD's also) and I like the light weight of my Sammy LN52A530.
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I got an LCd because quality and lifetime of a product is important. I want a set that I can just turn on and not have to worry about anything for a very long time. I will say that the motion blur and viewing angle can be annoying at some times, but I love the picture and everytime I see a plasma it doesn't look that great to me
Because I play a lot of games and have managed to get burn in on two cheap LCDs in the past. I don't want to do that to a plasma.
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