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Why do some CRT's have the power plug in the front?

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Hi all.

Some PJ's have the powerplug in the front, like 701, the ECP's and

Marquee's. Most of the Barco's have in the rear. Why is that? My initial

thought was that it would be to get the PSU away from video boards,

but otherwise I'm blank.

Please enlighten me.


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It probably just has to do with the physical layout of the PJ. Where can we locate the powersupply to fit the cabinet? What components do we need to keep separated? etc.
So, there's no reason for it?

Packaging, my friend, packaging. Invariably there's almost always more room for the power supplies under the lenses than anywhere else. Considering that, why would you route 110VAC all the way through a PJ, introducing all that noise into a sensitive display instrument, just to keep a plug in back. Forget that - path of least resistance and noise is straight in buddy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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