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To anyone who can answer this:

I've been working with my HT for over 2 years now. I currently have an Onkyo RZ810 and Rotel RMB-1095 pushing a pair of Klipsch RP-280FA (Front L/R), a RP-450CA (center), pair of RP-250S (surrounds) and a single R-112SW subwoofer in a 5.1.2 speaker config. I usually watch BluRay from a Sony UBP-X800 player. While the sound is very loud and sounds "good", it's never what I think it should sound like. I just cannot for the life of me figure out why I can't tweak it enough to sound good. While playing around with settings the other day I had Thor: Ragnarok BluRay in since it is in Atmos and figured it would be a good test. One thing I noticed for certain is that while at the Title Screen (maybe called pop up menu screen....the screen that has options for chapters, setup, etc.) I noticed the sound was AWESOME. But, as soon as I went into the movie it went back to just mediocre. The volume was lower and everything was just less theater like. Is this normal? What advice does anyone have for why that is and what I can do (generally) to get my sound better? Thanks in advance!!

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