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...like they do for monitors?

For FPTV I guess this would not apply, but for standard CRT HDTVs there is a dot pitch and I would love to know. It would be a fair way to compare TVs.

Does anyone know any dot pitch data for the Sony 36" XBR or the Sony 34" Wide XBR?

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Check this out:

== http://equip.zdnet.com/television/dt...index_3_1.html


The Sony Wega KW-34HD1 ...

A word on resolution: Direct-view tubes this size cannot deliver all

the resolution of an HDTV signal from either 1080i or 720p sources.

While direct-views will receive and display these signals, they are

incapable of delivering every last line of resolution. Taking 1080i as

an example, this small screen simply can't fit the 2,073,600 pixels.

Technically, it could be done, but the size of the pixel would be so

small that the picture wouldn't have enough usable light.

This set has a dot pitch of .7mm at the center of the screen and

.9mm at the edges. This translates to a resolution of about 800 x

600 or 480,000 pixels. Don't get me wrong, the 800 x 600 digital

picture looks outstanding -- far better than anything you're likely to

have seen before. But the set can't display all the resolution

available in 1080i. ""

== http://www.nwlink.com/~rxg/hdtv.html

"" RCA 38" F38310 This 16:9 direct-view set is different from the others'

in that it's larger (38 inches), and it's not a flat-screen. It has a 0.78mm

dot pitch and 1200 lines of horizontal resolution, or about 720K pixels.


Daewoo 30" ... the report says it will have a 0.77 mm

dot pitch. That would give it about 862 color triads across the width

of the screen.


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