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Why input video into AVR?

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I'm sure this is a dumb question, but here goes anyway: what is the purpose of sending any video input (from dvd, or cable/satellite, etc.) into an AVR (and from there to the display)? I send mine directly to the TV (via HDMI or Component). What is gained by sending it to an AVR first; it sends that it just adds more processing and, in fact, could make things worse?
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When it isn't necessary, there isn't a reason to do so.

Here are a few reasons.

1) A tape loop to send to a DVD Recorder, Tivo or VHS Tape Deck (Gacck).

2) More sources than inputs on the display.

3) Many of the higher end receivers feature video processing that is better than that included in displays.

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The main reason I'm doing it is to just run one hdmi cable to the tv, since my equipment is in another room.
It was the main selling point for gaining wife buy-in on purchasing a new receiver (putting all components in the cabinet and only running one cable to the TV vs. multiple cables and several components under the TV table).
Ease of use for my family was the main reason for me. My TV doesn't support discrete IR codes for the various inputs, so to make it one step easier for every one I ran everything through my AVR (sacrificing my HDMI connection to appease the family). I have some marcos set up to turn everything on in order and set the correct video output for what is on.

If my set did support discrete IR codes for the inputs, I would run all video directly into the set.
OK, thanks for the comments; makes sense for various situations.

John Kotches: re your #3, what 'video processing' are you talking about? I.e., do you send the dvd video into it at 480i, and then output 1080i to your display, etc? (Is this better than the dvd player doing the 'up conversion'?) For cable, the Comcast stb let's one choose to send the display various resolutions; would you send the AVR a lower resolution and output a higher one to the TV?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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