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Why is my 5504 so slow to respond to remote...

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Have had a 5040 for over a year. Just got a new 5504 from DNNA (maybe one of the last..) and it is MUCH slower to respond to the remote than the 5040. sometimes it takes 30 sec to "react" when I push on/off, or menu or anything else.

Seems to work fine when it finally catches up to the remote command, but the delay is a real PITA...

Looked thru the FAQ but couldn't find anything similar. Anyone know whats going on, or what I should check??

Additional facts: I did upgrade hard drive to 250G Seagate Barracuda, imaged with factory 55xx, drive set to cable select. Had to reimage drive a second time moving to RTV patch 2.4 (newer version (2.5 or 2.53?) with same image wouldn't boot in the replay 1st time, so I used the earlier version).

Thanks for any advice!
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Large hard drives that contain several small recordings (i.e. 200+ shows) are a formula for sluggish performance. You are better off using the large hard drives for LAN storage (DVArchive or WiRNS), and keeping the hard drive in the Replay relatively smaller with a reasonable number of recordings.
the replay folks seem to have worked hard to minimize the processor that they could get away with using. My 4500 never lagged that I can recall. My first 5040 would sometimes hesitate. Then, my second 5040 was ridiculously slow to respond very very often.

If the red record light is on (on my newest 5040), you better make sure you pause before you dare to try to access a menu, or you are in for a delay or a crash/reboot.

It's all pretty shameful unless I am totally wrong about this, which based on things I have read over the months/years, I am not.
It's been my experience that if there is ANY other disk I/O on the Replay (downloading with DV Archive, streaming shows to another Replay, Recording one show while watching another), then the Replay will act sluggish.

Again, just my experience.

On an semi-related note, 1 of my 3 Replay 5000 series replays is acting sluggish, even when there is no other I/O. Certainly not to the latency you're experiencing (2-4 seconds), but annoying nonetheless. It's the only Replay with it's original hard drive - so I'm suspecting that may contribute to it.
Maybe it's just tired.
I never try to do much of anything when live TV is playing (remember, live TV means you are recording and playing back at high quality). (due to buffering). It's easy to forget that, and it virtually guarantees sluggishness.

The first thing I do in that case is bring up the Replay Guide and start playing anything and pause it. Then I do whatever it was I wanted to do.
One of my replays will really drag when it is 'updating the channel guide' When you look at the channel guide it says it is not available because it is upateing it, and it lasts about 5 minutes and it will take 30 seconds for the replay to respond to commands. But it only happens every now and then.
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