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Why is this?

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im currently looking at either the X1 or the PB6100. But it seems like everyone has an X1 and no one has a PB6100. Looking at the specs, the 6100 is better. Better lumens and a higher MAXIMUM resolution. why do more people have X1's if according to the specs of the PB6100 is better.
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Couple reasons come to mind :

Expected bulb life is longer on the X1

X1 has the Faroujia

Service - Benq has been bashed quite a bit on service issues, refunds etc, whereas all the reviews I've seen on Infocus service have been very good

Availability - lot easier to find Infocus in stores vs Benq

Hope that helps...
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Hmm, I've heard the BenQ service is some of the best out there. First year hot-swap (replacement delivered to your door within 48 hours) and a 3 year warranty.

Refunds are handled independantly by a separate company, which has a lot of problems apparently.

Availability? Up here it's next to impossible to get an X1, X2 yes, X1 nope.

X1 is has the Faroujia which has god-like status on AVS. Interlaced signals will look very nice on the X1, not so nice on the 6100.

I'd think you'd be very happy with either, moreso with the 6100 if you are prone to rainbows, moreso the X1 if you watch lots of interlaced material.
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Also the X1 has been out 1 year longer then the BenQ. X1 came out in Nov.2002 and the BenQ 6100 came out in Nov.2003.

When researching projectors are you going to trust the one with 200+ reviews or the one with 20+.

X1 fever....CATCH IT!
There was a period in early 2003 where the X1 had a very good deal going on, and at the time was the best "bang for the buck" projector. Lots of people jumped on this deal (i'm one of them) and still have their X1's today. Lots of better projectors have come out since then that are better and less expensive, but that large X1 base still exists.
Jimmy: common sense would say that the projector that came out a year before would have the most reviews. :rolleyes:

lucamabob182: both great, both with pros/cons, both rockin' the low end aka. "po-folk" market ;)
I have huge issues with BenQ service. Just see any of the threads I've started about my projector. I sent my projector in to BenQ and it got there on the 19th and they still haven't sent out the new unit they promised. Hot swap, uhu, right. My entire system is dependant on my projector and these people should have fired off a new one as a DOA as they said. It's in the shop is all I keep hearing. 60+ calls to BenQ about the crap bulbs they keep sending me and now when I think my problems are over they are stalling yet again. I wish I could turn back the clock and pick up an infocus unit at a local store.
Man that's rough dreamstate.. have you ever thought of threatening legal action? That usually lights a fire pretty quick. Hotswap within 48 hours is clearly expressed in the warranty, and isn't there some kind of lemon law after the third try?

One of (several) reasons I got the BenQ was I heard the customer service was awesome, guess you are one of the exceptions to that. Might have to do some thread digging.
Unfortunately almost all of the people I've talked to at BenQ have trouble doing anything constructive for me. They make promises they never keep. I have to hound them and hound them to simply do their jobs and keep the promises and fulfill their warrantees as printed. It's been a huge nightmare and it's not over yet. This isn't due to bad luck. It would be just bad luck if one of their employees screwed things up. i've talked to about 15 different people and all but 1 of them had their s**t together. I'm never buying BenQ products again except the bulbs and rest assured they are the most unreliable products they sell, so this matter will never be dealt with and over until I get rid of my 6200.
Wait for 5120 it is like 4805 and costs about $999, in shops in nov.
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