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Why you should get a better deal on your plasma than your car

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A quiz - which of the following are true?

A) plasmas are quickly becoming a commodity item. Picture quality on most panels is pretty darn good. The last big deal (1080p) for the foreseeable future is upon us and after that the biggest differential is likely to be increasingly price.

B) margins for plasma dealers are MUCH, MUCH greater than what auto dealers have available

C) we have much more choice in where to buy a plasma than a car.

D) only shmucks pay list

E) all of the above

If you answered E - please keep reading.

In that spirit, here are my car buying tips.

1) Wait for a sale. 5 or 10 % off is a great place to start. Generally, the lower that you start-- the lower that you will finish.

2) Decide on who (the retailer) you want to buy from. There are advantages to online places (more expertise, no tax, lower overhead) and advantages to B&M (someone local for service, sometimes better margins, less transportation) Make sure that they know that you want to give them your business if they can get close on price.

3) Ask who can do a deal. You are going to be dealing, right? Put pressure on this guy right at the beginning by letting everyone else know that he is letting a customer who wants to buy from him walk away if he CANNOT make the deal.

4) check availability with someone else before you start to dicker. If there are 200 units available, they are likely to put margins behind revenues.

5) Use the extras against them. Offer to buy warrantees and monster cables (er, floor mats) in return for a package deal. You can always decide to return them later.

6) Be willing to trade. "Give something up" that you wanted anyways (i.e.,,buying the warrantee) in return for lowering the price.

7) Take advantage of "free" money. Special financing and reward programs do not count against the profit margins of the salesperson or department. Similarly, on-line places generally should be able to match ore better prices - lower overhead.

8) Deal at places you don't want to buy from first, get your best deal and then go to your preferred vendor to try to better the deal. Frequently this may not be a better price but free things (tax, financing, rewards, transportation) that effectively lowers your price.

9) Always try to get a deal on delivery/shipping. Again, this typically does not show as a hit in margins against the salesperson.

10) Demos can be a good deal. A few weeks out of years of service in return for another sizable discount can be a good deal.

11) Don't be afraid to walk away.


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You make many good points. I bet most online dealers would disagree with the margin made on most plasmas. They're lucky to make a few hundred on the 50's.
Originally Posted by Barrybud
You make many good points. I bet most online dealers would disagree with the margin made on most plasmas. They're lucky to make a few hundred on the 50's.
True, but on the other hand many of them are not carrying much inventory - they are shipping it out as soon as the unit arrives (or in some cases, drop-shipping), so their overhead is MUCH less than a B&M. Building a web site and having a few phone operators is significantly lower cost than staffing & stocking a retail store.
This only concerns the bottom line. How about loyalty? I have a preferred forum sponsor that I'll buy from regardless of the price.
As many of us might choose to buy from a family member, a long time supplier or just someone who has a nice smile and an honest face.

Be it a plasma or a car, there is nothing wrong with buying on this basis, but it tends to be emotional rather than empirical and not really the point of this thread.

BTW - I started the thread after recieving some PM's on how to get a good deal now on the Panasonic 50's--Mine is coming within the next hour!!!. I have many years in sales and currently teach "Bidness" courses at the University of Louisiana. To be honest though, I'm not sure that the Ph.D. offers a lot of real advantage in getting good deals :)

good luck

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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