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Exit 1:

Exit 2:

Background: 40 years ago this summer, at the age of 16, I went to work at the Miller Theatre, 101 N Broadway, Wichita, KS. Midnight Cowboy, rated 17, sold out for weeks . . . I drove The Love Bug! . . . and the Wichita Theatre, 310 E. Douglas, was being demo'ed. Er, by the way, 18YO Bill Warren was House Mgr of the Miller.

Late one night, after the movie let out, several employees ambled over & toured the Wichita as it was being razed. The Wichita was smaller than The Miller (2K seats, loge + 3 balconies), but it had something unique: 4 stained glass transom exit signs! Working without tools, we removed all 4, one of which had broken glass. They were lit from behind with 2 ~25W tubular bulbs.

As my wife remarked this a.m. You've hauled those around for 40 years!

The Exit transoms are ~44.25" X 10" @ highest point. Sorry, Antiques Roadshow, but I stripped the layers of paint off 40 years ago & failed to score the matching arched outer frames.

Time to do something with History! Calling for inspirations!


Pioneer Kuro 6020FD on wall

Pioneer SC-07

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray

Sony DVD-NC85H changer

5 Polk RT7s

Velodyne CT120

Obviously, I've been on a 10-year cycle, the Pioneers replaced a ~98 huge, solid butcherblock EC & 35" Sony CRT. I have 2 18" Vita Lite (think Iguana) fluorescents for ambient lighting . . . . there may be a BEFORE pic somewhere . . .

The components will go on Omnimount MWFS glass shelves. Walls are painted Kodak Gray Card.

One idea . . . . mount on wall, upper R & L of Plasma & housing Vita Lites behind = ambient lighting (?) LEDs behind stained glass for ambient?

I searched . . . . but found ONLY ONE POST ON EXIT SIGNS, OP looking for source . . . no answers.

All ideas appreciated as the avsforum brainstorm comes to The Wichita Theatre.

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I pondered that for some time until I looked up in my rearview mirror.

That perspective has always troubled me when I've thought about permanently mounting these above a doorway. My thinking is pretty ingrained in regards to stained glass is sunlit & visible inside & out.

On the other wall (hand), the transoms could be mounted on the wall opposite the Plasma, both sides of the actual exit. Mirrors placed on either side of Plasma, positioned to reflect transoms.

I took one transom to Redi Systems yesterday, pushing their new home theater installation capabilities. Recommendation was LED display lighting on a dimmer.

I've had diabetic retinopathy for 31 years & as a result benefit greatly from ambient lighting on either side of the viewing area. We don't want to build anything into the wall/this house, as we hope to move.

Guess I need to experiment with backlighting the transom, with & without light escaping onto the wall below.
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