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Wicked HD Demo Loop on BEV MC-HD

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About 4 mins long advertising Canada's leader in HD. Cool music.

I just recorded it, 307MB long anyone want this uploaded to a server?
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yes very sweet, i put in my bev 6000 to possibly catch some of my wings in hd

this clip shows a few seconds of abc's coverage of the dreadful devils/ducks final, looks amazing first abc hockey i have seen
Where do you have to live to get BEV. I thought you had to be in Canada to get this, but I see some with profile listings in the US get this. What is the Deal! Hope I am not offending anyone asking.


According to Bell Canada, they don't have any U.S. customers . But since Bell is not the white knight they trying to protray, they do. All you need is a Canadian address. Web sites on both sides of the border will assist you.

This is called the reverse grey market.
Most live in Canada, some in the States use a broker (canadian address) to sign up. This is not considered illegal in the US, but it's frowned upon in Canada if a canadian would receive Dish or DTV.
Bell can't have any US customers. That would be against the law. But if someone were to give them the money, they would be foolish to ask too many questions.:D

Are you using a 169Time 6000 or a 5000+mod for recording?

I looked at the file. The AC3 stream is marked as private stream 0xBD in this PS file which is why you're probably not getting audio from any MPEG-2 codecs.

I was able to convert this to a 195MB WM9 HD clip. The MPEG-2 source was 720p and I was able to get sound working properly. (AC3 stream was only DD 2.0 @ 384 kbps). It's 3 minutes a 42 seconds long.

However, I have no way of posting or hosting a 195MB file so if someone would like to do so, let me know.
How were you able to convert the file?
I use AVISynth 2.5x, mpeg2dec3.dll for frame-serving. UnDot() to clean up the frames. For 1080i materials, I use the new decomb500.dll for IVTC or simple FieldDeinterlace. (BTW- decomb500.dll does an awesome job of IVTC'ing 1080i/29.97 to 1080p/24 on properly flagged MPEG-2 video streams.)

For this particular file, I used bbdmux from bbtools19 to demux the 0xBD stream which carries the AC3 and then used BeSweet to convert to WAV. Before that though, I used AC3 Delay Corrector since it looked like the AC3 had a delay of about -484 ms. The MPEG-2 video was 720p/59.94 so I just SelectEven() in AVISynth to bring it down to 720p/29.97 with virtually no difference in perceived quality.

Fed it into Windows Media Encoder (2-pass VBR). Voila! Takes about 22 minutes per 1 minute of video to encode on my system with WM9 [email protected]
Kermee I'll PM when I get home. Also I'll upload a clip with some speech to see if you can correct that using this process, and get it to sync.
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