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I have an older set of Energy C series speakers before they were discontinued I got them at a steep discount.

Onkyo 706-TX Reciever

2 Energy C-300s Left and Right Mains

1 Energy C-C50 - Center

2 Energy C-50s - Rear surrounds

2 Energy C-R100s for surrounds

and a VK-12 Subwoofer to round it all out

I was thinking of purchasing 2 Mirage OS3-FS to replace the C-300s and moving the c-300s to surround duty to create a wider sound stage. Currently It feels like I never get enough surround sound when Im watching TV / Movies.

My main source is my computer hooked up SPDIF to my receiver. Using the Prologic 2 decoding from the receiver for most stuff. The digital encoded stuff sounds pretty good although I have some problems with LFE between the 2 and have to adjust the subwoofer level.

Will the Mirage speakers mix well with the older Energy speakers and give me that surround sound that I've been missing?

Or maybe I need a new receiver with better decoding.

Open to all suggestions.


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